Your Family, Your Experience, Your Birth, Your Way

We believe in personalized prenatal care in which the parents are active participants from the beginning.

We believe in informed decision making, not just informed consent. 

We believe that waterbirth is a safe and gentle environment for a baby to be born in.


We believe human childbirth is a normal physiologic process.

We believe that the birthing person has instinct and intuition which we respect and pay attention to. 

We believe that natural birth is being an active giver of birth rather than a passive receiver of technology.




An hour long visit that will educate you on:

  ~ Nutrition

  ~ Exercise for you

  ~ Supplements

  ~ Pregnancy 

  ~ Fertility

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~ Prenatal Visits

~ Routine Lab Work

~ Birth

~ Postpartum Visits

~ Newborn Procedures

~ Lactation Visit


For those who want in home personalized care from a midwife, but who would feel more comfortable birthing in the hospital.

Placenta Encapsulation

Kyndall offers placenta encapsulation as a separate service.  If you would like to enjoy the benefits of your placenta contact her through the link below.

Birth & Babies

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